More and more Americans are becoming self-employed and need to use alternative income qualification methods. Through our proprietary product offering, we offer a Bank Statement Program. This is a great fit for those of you who need to utilize their bank statements, instead of income, to qualify.

Key Features and Benefits of the Bank Statement Loan:

  • 12- and 24-month Personal and Business Bank Statement Allowed with Champion Classic
  • 24-Month Personal and Business Bank Statement with Achiever Expanded Credit
  • 4 Year history of Self-Employment Required
  • CPA Letter and P&L Acceptable
  • LTV up to 85% with No MI for Champion Classic and Achiever Expanded Credit
  • Primary, Second, and Investment Homes
  • Loan Amounts up to $3 Mill and DTI to 50% with Champion Classic
  • Loan Amounts up to $3 Mill and DTI to 43% with Achiever Expanded Credit
  • Credit Scores as Low as 620 with Achiever Expanded Credit and Champion Classic
  • 30-Year Fixed with 10 Year Interest Only Option Available
  • Purchase, Rate and Term, Cash-Out Refinance


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