Mortgage Careers at Geneva Financial

Geneva Financial Is Starting A Revolution

Mortgage Careers at Geneva Financial, where the Loan Originator is our number one client. Our primary focus when starting the company was to build a model that allowed for the highest LO compensation in the industry without compromising quality.

As of 2021, our 14th year in business, Geneva remains the top compensating mortgage lender in the industry.

Are you the next human to join our revolution?

Humans at Geneva

Meet Two of Our Branch Managers



We can always compete in price. In a competitive situation, we can legally lower our price to compete.


We have the latest and greatest technology to help with speed and efficiencies, but we will never lose sight on the most important variable in any transaction; you, the originator. Humans first, always.


Endless potential to scale your business, and your team’s business. Build a branch and pay your loan officers 200 BPS+ while being hugely profitable. You cannot scale through a broker model.


The most robust marketing platform in the industry (See full marketing outline below). 


Fast turn times with in-house underwriting. You have the ability to close the vast majority of your business inside of 14 days.


We pay nearly twice the national average in branch manager and originator compensation. Up to 275 BPS+ net! We do not bill back for AUS, credit, CRM, marketing, and employer taxes on commissioned employees. No one pays more (not even brokers), and we have been doing so for over 14 years. Average commission is $25,000 per $1MM funded.


One of the most robust portfolios in the industry.


Healthcare, Dental, Vision, 401K, Disability, Life Insurance.

Click “Read Now” to preview Geneva Financial’s Mortgage Careers Book and Loan Officer Opportunity including compensation, support, marketing and more.

You’re worth more and our Compensation Model is not “too good to be true”. Here’s why.

Built on the back of a “no-fluff” model from inception, our survival under any market condition is reliant on our ability to operate without layers. Rolled-up sleeves, open doors, accessible leaders and no man or woman too good to jump in the trenches ensures we can continue to provide for our customers and employees alike.

Last year we launched a new brand vision with a sharp focus on the human component of our industry. We are revolutionizing the homebuying process by doubling-down on the human perspective both internally and in our service process.

We are examining every detail of a transaction and working together as a family to humanize the experience – driving home the message “Technology is our friend, not our replacement”.

We invite you to apply and have a human conversation to discover why the industry is talking about Geneva.




(All services included at no charge)
  • Loan Officer Connect + OB Integration (Price deals from your devices)

  • GenevaGO – Mobile Mortgage APP

  • Encompass (latest version)

  • Optimal Blue Client Data Platform (CRM’s are dead!)

  • Social Media Technology with Support

  • Custom, company-built tech platforms in development!

  • Announcements

  • Branch Press Release

  • Database Support

  • Google Listing

  • Online Presence Upstart Plan

  • Zoom Interview

  • Starter Package

  • Lead Feed

  • Automated Follow-up

  • Your own Podcast on iTunes!

  • Mortgage Calculators

  • SEO Driven

  • GEO Optimized

  • Individual Blog

  • Client Reviews

  • LO Video Greeting

  • Client Data Platform Integration

  • Mobile Design

  • Sales

  • Social Media Training + Support

  • Video Training + Support

  • Lead Capture + Conversion

  • Marketing Plans

  • Social Media

  • Video

  • Open House

  • Hybrid Farming

  • Marketing Plans