How does a CDLP® help your Family Law Practice?

A comprehensive divorce team could consist of a range of team players including the attorney, a financial planner, an accountant, an appraiser, a mediator, and now, a Certified Divorce Lending Professional CDLP®.

Every professional on your team has a significant role in ensuring the divorcing client is set to succeed post-decree. The role of a CDLP® is to help not only the divorcing client but also the attorney and financial planner understand the opportunities available, as well as the challenges divorce, can bring to mortgage financing during and after the divorce. When the CDLP® is involved during the divorce process and not after the fact, many potential financing struggles can be avoided with valuable and educated input from the Certified Divorce Lending Professional. What is included with our no-fee CDLP® service? At no cost to you or your client, the following advisement services are provided:

  • Identify potential legal and tax implications with regard to mortgage financing in divorce situations.
  • Advise on specific mortgage guidelines as they pertain to divorcing clients.
  • Identify potential concerns with support and maintenance structures that may conflict with mortgage financing opportunities.
  • Recommend financing strategies to help divorcing clients identify mortgage financing opportunities for retaining the marital home while helping to ensure the ability to achieve future financing for the departing spouse
  • A CDLP® is qualified to and will work with divorce professionals in a collaborative setting.
  • Provide opportunities in restructuring a real estate portfolio to increase available cash flow when needed.

Working with a CDLP® from Geneva comes with benefits. With one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry, unmatched support, and specialty programs, our promise is to guide your clients through the loan process with care, speed, constant communication, and integrity.

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