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Green thumbs are back in season! The past few years have seen many of us dusting off our gardening gear to get outdoors and keep active. But what summer gardening trends can we expect to bloom in 2022?

Edible Greens

Edible Greens

If you are excited to reap the rewards of your hard work, you should know edible plants go beyond fruits and veggies. Certain types of clover, bushes, roots, and flowers are edible and can be great additions to your backyard garden, especially if you’re going for biodiversity. Dandelions, for example, are far more than an obnoxious weed. Every part of a dandelion is edible at every stage of life, you can even use it to make teas.

Be a conscious consumer of produce and know what you can start growing at home. Don’t forget to do your research on edible plant-safe fertilizer, pesticides, etc., and what you can grow responsibly where you live. GardenTech provides a helpful article on the easiest fruits and veggies to grow for beginners, read it here.

Balcony Gardens

Balcony Gardens

Gardening in small spaces takes creativity and we are stepping up. From creative displays to splashes of color and even multipurpose plants, balcony gardens are an exciting new trend to try out.

These outdoor planters are shaped like gears and will bring a modern, urban twist to any garden. We are also seeing an increase in recycled materials like tires, old vases, and teapots.

Easily incorporate beautiful colors with these stunning, summer-proof flowers. Combine them with planters covered with exciting patterns, shades, and textures for a little living art right on your balcony.

Need more ideas to refresh your space? Read here.

Sustainable Lawn Alternatives

Sustainable Lawn Alternatives

The traditional green lawn is out and sustainable alternatives are on the rise. Lawns of the past were difficult to maintain, a drain on water and other natural resources, and a pollutant to the environment. Today’s modern twist on lawns involves native plants, flowers that attract bees and hummingbirds, and even creeping ground plants that can imitate traditional lawns.

Why not choose a beautiful front garden that is not only good for the environment but less work for you? Check out our Guide to Greener Living to see what else you can do as an environmentally responsible homeowner.

Houseplants, Houseplants, and More Houseplants

This trend might just be here to stay. Houseplants have been a fan favorite for a few years now, and there is no decline in sight. Houseplants are a sure way to add color, life, and fun to your indoor space, not to mention their other awesome benefits. Typically the easiest house plants to care for according to bloomscape are:

Monstera PlantsSansevieriaZZ PlantSpider PlantHedgehog Aloe Aglaonemas

Read about more houseplants that are great for beginners, and easy to keep alive here

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