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With any home interior trend, they come as quickly as they go, and at the end of the day, it’s your space, so create something that brings you joy. However, we have scoured the web to find out what’s trending and created a list for you to utilize when refreshing your space next:

What’s in?

Anything of use! Out with useless, meaning decor! We have to take full advantage of the space we’ve got!

Thrifty is nifty! Using a mix of both old and new items achieves a unique balance

Bold, eclectic maximalism! Life is about living, make sure your space reflects that! Read more about maximalism here.

Sculpted pieces, curvature, round decor. Lots of top decor stores are showcasing a bolder array of curvier pieces.

Closed floor plans! Believe it or not, open floor plans are a thing of the past. With more time spent at home, everyone recognizes the value of having designated rooms for certain activities.

Elevating your outdoor furniture! Enjoy the fresh scent of nature.

We are also seeing an increase of a modern version of traditional styles popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s- how vintage!

We are always excited to see what new styles and trends are underway. Trends will usually bounce back and forth between extremes. Keep in mind, these are simply “trends”, and creating a space that works for you is most important. Keep reading for more home design inspiration, DIY tips, and tricks

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