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The holidays are a time for us to come together and be near those we cherish. If you are hosting guests this year, we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks that will help ease the chaos that can sometimes come with hosting holiday guests!

Holiday House Guest Guide

Clean and Declutter

This step is a must and can be overwhelming. Focus on the areas of your home that are going to be used the most, living room, guest bedroom, kitchen, etc. If your budget allows, consider hiring someone to do the heavy lifting for you, and cross one more thing off your list.

Go all-out in your guest’s room

Make sure you create a peaceful and festive room for your guests to stay in.

Clean the sheets, and add festive holiday blankets and pillows to cozy up the room

Make sure you switch your scents to holiday favorites

Provide essential hygiene items for that 5-star spa care feel – for example shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bathsalts etc.

Stock the room with other personal touches to make them feel at home.

Consider leaving a basket of their favorite items, eyemasks for sleeping, fresh flowers, reading material, and anything else your guest may need during their stay.

Looking for last-minute gift ideas? Check out our holiday gift guide here.

Stock The Fridge & Pantry

Having plenty of snacks and quick meals on hand will alleviate the stress of having to cook a full course meal each night, and eliminate any hangry houseguests.

Plan Some Activities

Depending on the type of house guest, you may want to have a game plan of things to do. Have they visited before? If not, maybe showing them your town’s go-to restaurants and attractions may be a great idea. Do they enjoy watching live games? museums? exploring? Whatever their niche, try and get some items of the schedule

Don’t be afraid of alone time

Your guests may be totally comfortable hanging around the house or tucked away in their cozy retreat. Don’t feel pressured to always be engaging. That being said, it may be a good idea to have board games, movies, and other items at the ready to provide entertainment.

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