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Is it your turn to host thanksgiving? While preparing for such an event can be stressful, we’ve gathered the top tips to help ensure your event is a success.

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Make A Plan

The more details you have ironed out, in the beginning, will ensure that everything runs smoothly leading up to the big event. List out everything that needs to be completed, and how you will execute that through the week(S) leading up to Thanksgiving or the holiday.

Send Out E-vites

Evites are the quickest way to ensure you are getting an accurate up-to-date headcount. Apps such as Punchbowl allow you to customize holiday greetings, deliver via email and SMS, track RSVPs, and even manage potluck status. This can also be useful for a traditional winter holiday dinner or get-together.

Encourage Your Guest To Help With The Menu

Asking your guests to each bring a dish to complete the feast is an easy and great way to stay organized and lessen the load for yourself. Ask them to sign up for certain dishes so you can keep track of what dishes are brought over and which ones you still need to cook.

Helpful Holiday Hosting Tips

Utilize Local Eateries

Don’t feel like baking a pie from scratch? Pick one up at a local bakery. This eliminates an entire meal from your to-do list and simultaneously supports small businesses. My family has a tradition of eating cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning, and due to dietary restrictions, we now require gluten-free cinnamon rolls, that we pick up from our local bakery.

Create Drink Stations

Unless you hire a bartender, you will not have time to be serving up fresh cocktails or pouring glass after glass of wine. It’s easiest to create drink stations for your guests. For example, put out a big pot of hot cider, pitchers of soda with an ice bucket, or cans of wine that are quick and easy to grab.

Set The Table

Setting the table the night before, or even first thing in the morning before the event will reduce last-minute stress. Check out Pinterest for table setting ideas, a simple pinecone, or fancy napkin holder can really bring life to your table. For more advice on setting a table, read more here.

James Polinori, Holiday Tablesetting

Choose a centerpiece.

Read this article for a variety of thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. Below is a centerpiece created by our very own CMO, James Polinori. How beautiful!

Make sure your home is ready for guests

Want to make sure your home is channeling all the fall vibes? Read this article for easy fall decor swaps.

Don’t forget the entertainment

Make sure your tvs are working and you have access to any traditional movies or channels that you turn on during the feast. Have a Spotify playlist loaded and ready to turn on while everyone is mingling!

Leftover Station

Prepare a leftover station with plenty of cardboard boxes designed for take-out ready to go. This way you can ensure your guests can easily dish up their share of leftovers as they prepare to leave. We love these containers on Amazon:

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