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Geneva Financial is honored to announce we have been awarded a Best Company for Work-Life Balance 2021 via for large-sized companies. The award for Best Work-Life Balance is based on anonymous employee feedback on to a variety of questions regarding an employee’s overall satisfaction with their work-life blend.

According to Comparably data, having work-life balance is the No. 1 priority for employees today aside from salary. In fact, 1 out of 3 workers said it was more important than compensation, career advancement, perks/benefits, and stability. Furthermore, nearly half surveyed said they felt burnt out from work over the past year. Providing workers with a manageable workload and the flexibility they need away from “the office” (physical or virtual) will ensure that their time spent working is enjoyable and productive.

“Our studies show that having work-life balance is the No. 1 priority for employees today,” said Comparably co-founder/CEO Jason Nazar. “Finding a happy medium between the demands of work and personal life can be challenging, but flexibility has become increasingly more important over the past year. The companies on our annual Best Work-Life Balance list are applauded by their employees for prioritizing a healthy work-life blend, ultimately leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.”

At Geneva, our #1 Core Value is Be Human. We strive to humanize both the consumer and employee experience. We have worked hard to develop a culture that is conducive to the needs and wants of our employees. At the onsite of the pandemic, all of our workforces transitioned to remote work. Most of our employees still remain remote workers. We believe this flexibility contributes to greater levels of happiness and balance in our employees day to day life. We strive to deliver the most inclusive, passionate, and efficient work environment to all of our employees. Our leadership team is accessible and always willing to roll up their sleeves and help whenever needed. Our desire to consistently live and breathe our “Be A Good Human” motto from the inside out has significantly contributed to the ability to deliver an above satisfactory work-life balance to each and every one of our employees. This award means so much to our company and highlights the true nature of our company.

Want to see what our employees are saying?

Q. What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

“The simplest way to put it is, each of us are unique in our goals and abilities, and our executive team is invested in seeing that our unique shines in a way that supports our own and our company’s goals.”“The focus on being a good human and the importance of balance that it takes between work and family.”“The support to get your work done efficiently and the encouragement to go out and have your own time.”“Everyone can be themselves, it’s a Dog in the office, anti corporate, hard working, good human kind of vibe. Something Special”

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